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The Services Offered by BRM

There are (2) options for services:


  1. Finder's Fee -the Tenant is secured and the management of the rental reverts back to you the Landlord (the Lease is included in the Finder's Fee price).

  2. Full management of the property - leaving you, the Landlord, with nothing to do but collect the monthly rent (the Lease is included).



Lease Agreements:


Don't worry if you do not have a Lease Agreement!  BRM can provide you with a detailed (Lawyer drafted) Lease Contract which is included in either Fee.


If you have the perfect Tenant and only need a Lease Agreement, BRM can draft a complete contract for BMD$200.00, all you and the Tenant have to do is sign! 

[Commercial Lease is BMD$250.00].


For more details visit BRM Forms

Landlords and Tenants these are extra services BRM can provide:



  • BRM can provide a professional assessment of your rental property and suggest rental amounts and any improvements to appeal to the present market.


Landlords with a existing Tenant

  • BRM can provide a Lease [BMD$200.00] for your new or existing Tenant. 

  • [Commercial Lease is BMD$250.00]

  • BRM can provide a thorough inventory of your personal property.


Landlords and Tenants

  • BRM can provide a comprehensive check-in and/or check-out inspection using a Property Condition Report to reduce any misunderstandings and eliminate any potential problems.

  • BRM can also conduct and provide a written detailed inventory.


BRM's competitive fees will vary depending on the service you require.

Please contact Jil at BRM for more details and to schedule an appointment to visit on site.

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